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His hierophanies emerge from the sacred and cyclical time of myth…. Although the Blacks overthrow their white oppressors, they finally reinstate the major authority figures of the previous government, illustrating that repressiveness and hypocrisy are not racially defined qualities. Rimbaud wanted to change life, and Marx to change society.

And in point of fact it is indeed God who legitimates, for the Just, that is, for those who are "integrated," the sentence of exile which they impose on the thief: Genet has strong claims to be considered the greatest living playwright.

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Because, unlike his cellmates, he has not killed without reason or motive, he is ridiculed for his immoral inferiority. Since dreamer there is, then dreamer he must will to be: Fashioned by a genius of criminality and revolt, the play is absolutely stunning in its twists and turns of thought, and despite occasional thefts from Betti, Cocteau, and the Surrealists highly original in its use of the stage.

Biographical Information Genet was born in Paris on December 19, She has highlighted that as humans we have a tendency to hide behind the facade of life, to go along with what we are told and what we see, thus taking life for granted. By his own admission, Genet detests the Western theatre, detests its social, realistic, and psychological tradition.

Thus are born spontaneously the myth of the criminal, that is, the projection upon others of the qualities which the others have attributed to him, and the dichotomic conception of an outcast humanity which will be the major theme of his poetry: He resigns himself to never seeing it, provided he is conscious of being seen by it.

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The Balcony

And the purpose of this gift is to raise the donor to a higher potential of sacredness. It is to acquire a deeper understanding of his condition every single instant, as a whole and in its details, in order to assume it unreservedly, whatever it may be.

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Theft and treason become a form of art. He spent his early years in an orphanage before being sent to live with a peasant family in the Morvan region of France. He wants a sacred drama, founded on the heroic rigors of despair.Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Immortality and The Illusion of Reality.

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Plot Summary The Balcony by French playwright Jean Genet is set in a high-end brothel in the middle of an unidentified city going through a revolution. Jean Genet (French: [ʒɑ̃ ʒənɛ]; () 19 December – () 15 April ) was a French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political in his life he was a vagabond and petty criminal, but he later took to writing.

His major works include the novels The Thief's Journal and Our Lady of the Flowers, and the plays The Balcony, The Maids and The Screens. Jean Genet French novelist, playwright, and poet.

Genet is best known for his surreal poetic dramas in which he utilizes the stage as a communal arena for enacting bizarre fantasies. Jean Genet: Jean Genet, French criminal and social outcast turned writer who, as a novelist, transformed erotic and often obscene subject matter into a poetic vision of the universe and, as a dramatist, became a leading figure in the avant-garde theatre, especially the Theatre of the Absurd.

The Balcony Summary. Jean Genet's The Balcony (Le Balcon in original French) is considered by many to be the one of his masterpieces, though it was written after he said he would give up writing plays Balcony was his first commercially successful play.

Like many of Genet's works, the play was inspired by Genet's contempt for society and obsession with topics such as sex. In The Balcony, playwright Jean Genet uses the backdrop of a brothel to condemn the corruption and pettiness of which all people are capable.

He is particularly scathing towards those in power.

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Outside of the brothel, the city—which is never.

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